diseños de módulos tft y lcdDisplays according to specific customer needs

At VISUAL DISPLAY we are specialists in electronic display applications. Since 2005, our experience and expertise allows us to offer a wide range of display solutions and the best technology applied.

No matter the project, Visual Display offers you the perfect solution. We design and manufacture hardware and software based in your electronic requirements. We offer the right solution to fit any equipment, vehicle or machine, from the most luxury to the more utilitarian.

  • Affordability
  • Functionality and versatility Hardware
  • Firmware as fully customizable to the needs. Customisation even for small series
  • Full compatibility
  • The coordination of the whole project including electronic and mechanical design
  • The assurance of working with first LCD panel manufacturers
  • Commitment, experience and quality
  • Support during the whole life of the product

Diseño y fabricación de hardwareHardware and software design of visualization systems

  • LEDs Backlights
  • Printed circuit boards(PCBs)
  • Display modules (LCMs)
  • Public information panels(PIPs)


VISUAL DISPLAY is a company dedicated to design, assembly and distribution of electronic displays, touch screens and related components. All of our products have a two years warranty.

The quality of the components we supply is guaranteed by:

  1. BUYING PROCESS: only known sources and approved by us.
  2. RECEIVING GOODS PROCESS: Receipt Goods are visually inspected and all documentation are checked. Non conforming elements are turned away and returned to the supplier.
  3. COMPLETE TRACEABILITY and FIFO batch encoding before placing them in stock.
  4. Thorough REVIEW OF CUSTOMER ORDERS before acceptance and processing.
  5. FINAL PRODUCT TEST AND INSPECTION: Before packing several tests are made for each module to check for proper operation before they sent to customers. We choose our transport methods. This will depend on the final destination and the size / type of product.

Our customers are always welcome to inspect our procedures and systems. To schedule a visit, or need more information, please contact us.